Best 3D Printing Business for 2022

With the ease of doing business, people are trying to figure out which business is most helpful in the modern era of technology. In that list, one of the best is the 3D printing business. The 3D printing business is the latest business idea in the tech industry. 

The newly made 3D printers can now print over hundreds of different materials, including plastic metal and nylon. The even better news is that the 3D printing business and its industry will continue to grow and become better with greater chances of success due to low competition and a reasonable profit margin. The 3D printing industry is worth a try. 

3D printing has been popular over the last couple of years because of social media platforms where people create content about 3D printing. Overall, 3D printing has proven to be a great way to make money.

In fact, people sell houses printed through a 3D printer. So there are a lot of ways to make money with a 3D printer.

This article intends to share with you some valuable tips and tricks to run a 3D printing business successfully.

Let’s dive in.

1. Cosplay Accessories

Have you ever been to a cosplay event? 9 out of 10 props are 2D printed, and the cosplay industry grows year after year. The demand is so high that entire businesses are founded solely on 3D printing cosplay pros.

Also, in these harsh times, if you want to see the most requested items, just hit SC Amazon and eBay, and you will find hundreds of shops offering 3D printed swords, helmets, and suits. 

As the demand for these items grows day by day, the 3D printing business shows a high rise in the market and offers exponential growth in the future.

2. Fvv drones and RC car Accessories

It is a rising industry, and 3D printed parts like guards, fan protections, and custom parts are extremely requested other than functional parts. People love to show off their drones, so stands and special wall mounts are a viable niche to develop. 

There is a growing demand for custom-made digital designs. If you have enormous skills, you can 3D print your design to prove it’s printable and reassure the potential customer.

3. Cars and home repair parts

Believe it or not, automotive and 3D printing goes hand in hand. Porsche and BMW use 3D-printed motors, pistons, and body parts. But the most important thing is not to buy a metal 2D printer you don’t need. 

Car manufacturers tend to rush production, and we all heard of minor plastic parts breaking. You can 3D print those parts and sell them on your website. Furthermore, replacements for vintage cars are a growing trend because they are very hard to find. 

There are many other things you can 3D print for cars, but just give a glance at your car and figure out a product that can solve an issue. Cars are sold in thousands of units, and someone else will likely find your solution worthy. If something breaks, you can design, 3D print and use it, or sell it as well.

4. Prototypes and Fixture 

If you think local companies don’t need your 3D printing expertise, well, hear this out! Companies must make prototypes and small batches of a new product. The truth is many companies hesitate to invest in a new venture and prefer to outsource the 3D printed parts. Hence, you can develop a business partnership and print for them for a handsome amount of money.

5. Home decoration

Every homeowner wants to make their home beautiful and practical. You will be surprised by how much time people spend looking for home improvements-from decorations, cabinet organizers to statues! 

The market is very vast. You won’t need a special 3D printer to create parts that withstand wear and tear.  Plants,  pots, special watering tubes, and many interior decorating items can be 3D-printed. 

6. Jewels

Jewels are the tip of 3D printing. 3D printers allow you to make jewels with unique shapes which are impossible to make with other machinery. On Essie, 3D-printed earrings sell like hotcakes. DM printers can still have their word for the best results in resin, and SLS printers will be your best ally.

7. Tabletop Scenery 

These niches are the realm of resin 3D printers. Everyone wants to enhance their tabletop with miniatures and figurines depending on their skills. You can design your own or print available models found in public libraries. 

If minis are better made on resin 3D printers, there’s also a place for FDM printers. Tabletop games are best experienced with terrain and scenery. Some people, under huge customer demand, even developed entire farms just for printing terrains and scenery.

8. Lithophanes 

 Lithophanes are a strange niche. They aren’t pretty without lightning, and they aren’t easy to make, but they are amazing. Lithophanes that sell the most are custom portraits of beloved ones. You can make lithops from FDM and resin, but we recommend using resin printers. The high detail requires ages on the filament.


So, we’ve covered a few hacks for the 3D printing business. However, assess your strengths and skill and, based on those, develop your production plan. 

Just focus on one business and forget the rest for months and figure out how to market those products on the marketplace and social platform. Then, focus on other products and repeat the same process. 

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