Buying Guide For Handcarts or strollers For 4 Children

Large, foldable handcarts with space for 4 children are an effective alternative to a stroller such as all-terrain stroller. They are not only suitable for transporting the offspring but also for shopping and other errands. If they are not needed, they can be folded and stowed away, saving space.


The processing of the carts is essential to be used over a long period without danger. The steel construction should be well welded and not too flexible. This prevents the lattice basket from breaking due to the permanent load. The same applies to the transport basket inside the handcart. Quality workmanship is always preferable for transporting children.

Assembly And Disassembly

The wagons should be able to be assembled and disassembled in just a few simple steps. Easy-to-use variants have clever folding mechanisms with which the handcart can be folded quickly. The more compact the handcart is after dismantling, the less space it takes up in the hallway or garage.

Security Features

Brakes are essential when transporting children. Since 4 children are transporting a weight of up to 100 kg or more, brakes are necessary so that the handcart does not get out of control. Additional parking brakes prevent the trolley from accidentally rolling away when parked for a short time. Safety clips for the construction ensure that the device does not spring open when folded, making storage easier.

Checklist For Large Handcarts

The materials used for foldable wagons include stainless steel and various synthetic fibers such as polyester. Handcarts consist of a lattice basket lined with another basket made of synthetic fabrics. Depending on the version, either the steel or fabric basket has a bottom through which the children do not sink. The handles are made of plastic or rubber.

The size of the handcart affects maneuverability and storage. Larger handcarts offer more comfort and space but are more difficult to store and drive than smaller versions.

Handcart tires are made of either plastic or rubber. In most cases, plastic tires are not as robust as rubber tires and are mainly suitable for roads and other paved paths. The wagons can be taken into nature with rubber tires without any problems. The suspension for the tires should be robust and well made so that it does not get damaged under full load. They should be able to rotate 360°.

Maximum payload: The maximum weight indicates how many kilograms the handcart can withstand. In most cases, models for 4 children can withstand a maximum load of 80 to 150 kg. A child between the ages of 5 and 6 weighs around 20 kg, which offers enough space for the children and other loads. Lower payload weight is not recommended for 4 children.

Accessories: Many handcarts can be equipped with accessories. Water-repellent tarpaulins protect shopping or luggage. With a separate roof construction, children can be protected from the sun and bad weather. Pockets with Velcro fasteners are available to expand the storage options. If safety is to be increased, reflective strips can be attached.

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