Car Accident in Salem: How not to react after a car accident

There are a number of actions you may take if you, a loved one, or someone else was in a car accident to assist make sure you get any compensation you may be due for injuries or property damage.

At the scene of the collision, as well as in talks with people in the days and weeks that follow, you must, however, use caution when speaking to people after a car accident. Following a car accident, there are a number of things you should not say, and we’ll list them for you here.

I’m not injured,

Even if you don’t feel much pain following a car accident, you should still get medical attention. The truth is that some vehicle accident injuries don’t manifest their signs and symptoms for days or even weeks after the collision. Even if delayed symptoms manifest, if you choose not to seek medical attention quickly away, the insurance company may use this as proof that you were not harmed.

You are taking the required precautions to preserve your health by perhaps discovering hidden injuries when you seek medical attention. Additionally, you are proving a connection between your injuries and the collision.

“I have no attorney with me.”

The possibility of someone attempting to take advantage of you increases if you disclose that you are not using legal counsel to any party involved. Cases involving auto accidents can get very difficult, especially if liability is in question. A knowledgeable Salem car accident lawyer can use their resources to research each claim properly, establish fault, and negotiate with all parties concerned to ensure that you receive a just settlement.

The accident was my fault.

Even if you are sure that you were to blame for the collision, you shouldn’t ever confess culpability after one. You never have access to all the information and circumstances surrounding additional potential accident causes. If you admit fault, your chances of winning the claim’s settlement are gone. Because of Oregon’s modified comparable neighbourhood system, victims may receive compensation even if they were up to 50% at fault for the incident.

“I take your offer,”

You’ll probably get a settlement offer from the at-fault driver’s insurance company quite quickly following an accident that was brought on by their careless or negligent driving. Even before you are fully aware of the costs associated with your injuries or property damage, an offer might be made.

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