Collagen from Korea helps reduce acne.

Want to make your skin smooth and soft and acne scars disappear, your face is clearer, just applying cream is not enough. Let’s reduce acne scars with collagen! especially Korean collagen Which was said to be the most beautiful! Who wants beautiful skin? Today we collect Korean collagen to help reduce acne, reduce dark spots from acne. After eating, the skin is soft, smooth, white. Let’s come for each other.

Collagen is actually a nutrient that is often found in foods such as sea fish, seaweed or freshwater algae, coconut water, chicken, pork, egg whites, boiled green vegetables, and red fruits. I believe that many People probably won’t get enough collagen from these foods. Another way to help is to take a supplement or vitamin type collagen added to it. Collagen is considered a nutrient that increases the strength and flexibility of the skin. It also helps reduce scars, reduce dark spots, including blemishes and freckles, so many people tend to find collagen to eat to reduce acne scars. add radiance to the skin

At this event, who does not yet know which collagen to eat? Today we have to leave 5 of them together. Will there be anything interesting? Come and see!

1. Samsung Pharm Fish Collagen

This one has to say that the reviews are packed and are very popular! Everyone calls it Children’s face vitamin, sure enough. Collagen is rich in extracts from collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid, and antioxidants. This will help restore moisture to the skin. After eating, white skin becomes pink. It also helps inhibit melanin pigment which is the cause of freckles and blemishes well and helps reduce acne scars. It helps acne scars heal faster too!

Packing : 60 tablets / jar

How to eat: 1-2 tablets a day before bedtime.

2. Lemona Nano Collagen Powder

 Collagen, this pink jar is not as famous as the first one. This one is a collagen powder extracted from 25% concentrated marine fish and also contains 6% vitamin C. It helps skin shine without acne, reduce blemishes, dark spots, prevent and inhibit freckles. Stimulating collagen production Helps to prevent melanin formation and make the skin more radiant. It also contains vitamins A, D3, E, K1, B1, B6, vitamin B12 acid, plus lime powder that helps with the digestive system. This one has no fishy smell, has a sweet and sour taste, and is very easy to eat.

Packing : 60 sachets / box

How to eat: 1-2 sachets per day after waking up or before bedtime.

3. IL-YANG Inner Beauty Collagen

For the brand Il-Yang, besides being famous for vitamins, Collagen is equally good. which many People also call it the purple box collagen, sure enough. Is a collagen drink extracted from fish and also contains a mixture of vitamin C, jaillitone, and microorganisms that are beneficial to the skin of the whole body. It is extracted from more than 28 types of fruit, of which this one does not have the fishy smell of fish as well reducing acne Makes the skin smoother, clearer, softer, not dry anymore!

Packing : 30 sachets / box

How to eat: 1 sachet per day after waking up or before bedtime.

4. IL-YANG Daily Beauty Premium Collagen 500 mg

This one is a famous collagen from Il-Yang brand as well, which is a new formula that he has adjusted to be more intense as well!​ which contains 500 mg of collagen extract from deep sea fish that is formulated to be small molecules. It absorbs much better than before. Helps to whiten skin, soft, smooth, and reduce melanin pigment production that causes dark skin. Even skin tone helps acne scars fade. However, they are also high in antioxidants. This will help improve the immune system as well.

Packing : 30 sachets / box

How to eat: 1 sachet per day after waking up or before bedtime.

5. InnerB Aqua Rich

Arrive at the last With collagen in the form of Soft Gel, soft that helps to add water to the skin to be extremely moisturized! This collagen is rich in collagen peptide extracts. That is a small molecule The body therefore absorbs well, sees results quickly, and also contains hyaluronic acid that helps maintain balance and moisture in the skin. Suitable for people whose skin is very dehydrated. And not only that. They also contain a mixture of rice bran extract. that helps smooth skin soft and smooth to grip Dark spots and acne scars look faded. This one may be priced higher than others. But the quality is pretty good for the price!

Packing : 56 tablets / jar

How to eat: 2 tablets a day before bedtime.

In addition to eating collagen Consuming vitamin C or applying a cream to reduce acne marks regularly will help our acne scars fade quickly.

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