cTrader Platform: An Introduction to Its Features

Level II pricing, sophisticated charting tools, and speedy entry and execution are all features of the top multi-asset Forex and CFD trading platform, cTrader. The cTrader Platform has a gorgeous user interface, is linked to the most cutting-edge backend technology, and is available across various devices.

cTrader Features

#1 A Revolutionary Investment Service: cTrader Copy

Anyone can sign up to be a Strategy Provider on cTrader Copy and advertise their trading method in exchange for a commission or fee. Other traders can review the available methods, copy them, and enjoy risk-free investments. Traders can also implement their risk assessment strategies.

#2 The cTrader Web

There is a web-based version of cTrader for any desktop browser. Any popular browser can quickly and easily access all cTrader features using cTrader Web. Users of Windows, Mac, or Linux operating systems can access cTrader using this way, and you do not have to install it.

#3 Automated cTrader

This is the complete algorithmic trading solution. With the help of the strong and user-friendly cTrader Automate solution, traders may create algorithmic trading robots to automate their trading tactics. Traders can create code in the integrated development environment or test and refine their robots and custom indicators using cTrader’s cutting-edge C# API.

#4 Mobile cTrader

Since the start of the decade, the demand for mobile trading has grown significantly, fueled by an influx of new millennial traders. As a result, cTrader keeps developing its industry-leading out-of-the-box trading solution.

Now, traders may quickly access the most popular chart elements and choices with a simple tap. A long tap brings up a detailed view and advanced customisation. It offers a better mobile charting experience that suits trading on mobile devices in 2021.

#5 Chart Trading

Visual signals frequently influence people’s trading choices. There are many controls in cTrader for moving and checking pending orders, as well as Take Profit and Stop Loss levels on charts.

In users’ opinions, these controls are highly practical and simple. They enable them to rapidly align their entry and exit points on the chart with levels of support or resistance or areas where they anticipate swings to happen.

#1 IC Markets

One of the world’s only true ECN forex brokers, IC Markets offers trading options for both experienced forex traders and those new to the market.

#2 Pepperstone

Pepperstone, an online Forex and CFD broker, makes modern trading tools available to traders worldwide.

#3 Fondex

More than 1000 products in 6 asset groups are available to clients of Fondex, who can trade manually, automatically, or both.

#4 Tradeview

Tradeview offers its clients the most up-to-date trading technologies, flexibility, and individualised support through a carefully assembled team of sector experts.


Another of the best trading platforms accessible in the currency market is FXPRIMUS. They are creating new safety standards among their competitors in the FX market thanks to their additional safety precautions, making them the industry leader in ethical trading.

#6 Axiory

You can access cutting-edge trading infrastructure through Axiory, with reduced interbank spreads and superior order execution.

Final Thoughts

With powerful trading features, including quick input and execution and coding customisation, cTrader is a simple and intuitive trading platform. The cTrader platform, developed by Spotware to balance simple and complex features, is used by both novice and experienced traders.

Traders can place complex order types and have a deeper understanding of the orders they’re placing. Despite being relatively new to the world of trading platforms, cTrader already has a strong fan base of traders.

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