Diablo 2 Resurrected: 3 Elders of Mount Arreat Guide

Before facing Baal, the final boss of D2R, an obstacle awaits you, the Guardians of the Summit, the three fearsome Barbarian ancestors of Act 5: Talic, Madawc and Korlic. This boss is difficult since it has the particularity of resetting itself in the event of death or escape.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Elders can block you for a while if your character isn’t strong enough or unsuitable for this fight. When you get to the top of Arreat, you’re going to need to complete the Rite of Passage quest. The three elders will appear and you will have to face them at the same time, then defeat them all without dying or changing areas, so without returning to town. If this happens, the fight will be reset and it will have to be started from scratch.


Unsurprisingly, the majority of damage suffered in this fight is physical. Having damage reduction of this type, a shield and defense can help you survive.

  • Stock up on healing potions, rejuvenation potions, and more. Don’t forget that you can’t go back to town to buy Diablo 2 Items, better armor your belt with super potions and be done with it on the first try.
  • Forget town portals for once. But you can still open one to quickly return to the spot in case of death or to flee rather than die once you run out of options.
  • As always, having a solid Mercenary will help you split the boss’ attention, as well as deal damage.

Weaknesses and resistances

For once, things are more complicated, since each elder has their own resistance. The good news is that no matter your D2R build(, there will always be an Elder you can focus on in order to kill them as quickly as possible.

  • Korlic and Talic: They have no resistance to frost, lightning, and magic.
  • Madawc: Has no resistance to physical damage, fire, poison, and magic. He also has a very low defense which makes him particularly vulnerable to normal attacks.


Elders are a bit of an unpredictable fight since their gear and some abilities are variable. They also gain additional elite affixes in Nightmare and Hell. Nevertheless, each elder has a capacity that is unique to him and that must be learned to manage:

  • Garlic: It’s the one with the two-handed weapon. He attacks in melee, but you have to be especially wary of his combat leap which is devastating and very difficult to dodge. It is therefore better to face him in hand-to-hand combat, ironically.
  • Talic: Equipped with a shield, he also attacks in melee, and likes to use his waterspout which hits many targets in the area. It has the particularity of not being able to be frozen or refrigerated, although certain effects can still slow it down. This elder has a shield, but it can’t seem to block attacks.
  • Madawc: Recognizable by his light armor and his two hatchets, this guardian only fights from a distance by throwing them. If you attempt to engage him in melee, he will flee. He also has a battle cry which will increase the defense of his friends and himself. Suffice to say, eliminating him first is probably a good plan in general.

Ideally, it is therefore better to seek to kill an elder as quickly as possible in order to reduce the pressure and limit the possibility of suffering a bad combo. Of course, if you attack mainly with zone techniques, it remains an option to try to hit them all at the same time to shorten the confrontation as much as possible. In the majority of cases, it is best to kill Madawc first, then Korlic, and finally Talic.

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