FondMart – Decent Boutique Wholesale Vendors for Women?

Are FondMart decent boutique wholesale vendors’ clothing? You may be thinking that they are not, but read on. This article will teach you more about their wholesale plus-size clothing and lingerie. They are an excellent choice for boutiques that sell plus-size clothing. But how do they compare to other vendors? Is FondMart a decent wholesale vendor for plus-size clothing?

FondMart plus size wholesale vendors

If you’re looking for plus-size apparel boutique wholesale vendors, FondMart is the place to look. Their extensive inventory is sure to have exactly what your customers want. What’s more, there’s no minimum order amount! And since there are no minimum orders, you can customize and personalize the clothing items you purchase. These plus-size boutique wholesale vendors also provide dropshipping services. With these services, you can save time and money and still offer your customers the best quality and variety.

Whether you’re planning to start a small, local boutique or sell clothing at an upscale online retailer, FondMart is an excellent choice. Low prices complement the vast selection, and no minimum order amount is required. The selection of plus-size apparel items available at FondMart is perfect for sellers looking for a way to cater to the needs of women of all shapes and sizes.

Buying plus-size clothes is a challenging process. Since plus-size dresses are not universal in size, they cost more to make. Additionally, sourcing quality plus-size clothing is rugged. With FondMart, you can find top-quality plus-size clothing at an affordable price. You can also choose to customize your wholesale clothing with your store’s logo, labeling, and shipping bags. This can increase your overall sales.

FondMart plus size lingerie wholesale

When it comes to plus-size lingerie wholesale, there’s no other brand to beat. The company offers top-quality plus-size lingerie, and they have strict qualifications for every single item. Plus-size lingerie wholesale from FondMart is guaranteed to be of the highest quality, and they also provide custom services to boost your business and build your brand. And while you’re at it, you might as well try their wholesale lingerie for free!

The sexy lingerie wholesale from FondMart is also very high-quality, and you can be assured that the materials are of the best quality. The material is made of high-grade nylon, polyester fiber, and spandex. You can rest assured that they are easy to wash and store and won’t lose their shape or feel tight. And they’re super-soft too! The wide variety of sexy plus-size lingerie available at FondMart is sure to please your target customer and your budget!

Plus-size lingerie is one of the best-selling items at retail stores, so the best way to increase sales is to carry a large variety. You can find a type of plus-size underwear at FondMart and get customized items like labels, shipping bags, and packaging. Plus-sized lingerie can boost your business. When you stock up on them, you can add your own unique touches with your logo and other customization.

FondMart as a boutique wholesale vendor

In just four years, many brands have benefited from working with FondMart as a boutique wholesale vendor. Some of these brands have grown by more than 100%, and 70% have maintained growth in the long term. One customer increased their sales from $50,000 a month to over $330K a month. Another company has grown from three employees to fourteen and expanded its product range from 500 to 2,000. Another company, based in the United States, has maintained an annual growth rate of 10%.

Choosing FondMart as a boutique wholesale vendor can help you increase your revenue by selling plus-size clothing. This company specializes in manufacturing plus-size women’s clothing, and their products are known for their quality. They offer free shipping and no minimum order quantity; each product comes with original model photos. Plus, many of their products can be customized to meet the needs of each customer. This means you can provide a custom fit to customers, which can help your business grow.


Once you have chosen the right products, you must select a payment method. FondMart integrates with Shopify, making the process much simpler and faster. You will not have to worry about stocking inventory because the platform is designed to sync product information, shipping costs, and more automatically. You can even add your logo and brand name to invoices and packages. The only drawback of FondMart is that its product selection isn’t as large as those of other boutique wholesale vendors.

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