Hasbro Steps Up Investment in Entertainment Toys

Investing in toys and entertainment is not cheap. But the relationship between the two has changed over the years. Today, entertainment-themed film and TV projects no longer have the same stigma as their predecessors. Quality content is often the deciding factor for organic sales. Toys can be made to look like real actors, and advanced robots are now a more realistic alternative to cast-extras. And the next generation of toymakers is stepping up to meet the demand.

The past year, Hasbro announced a range of new entertainment projects. The acquisition of entertainment production house eOne, which has produced over 80 movies and TV shows, was a major step in the company’s transformation. However, Hasbro has not yet fully utilized eOne’s capabilities. At an investor meeting, Hasbro announced more entertainment plans. For the coming years, the company is expected to continue to invest heavily in this area.

Final Thought

In the last year, Hasbro also acquired the entertainment production company Entertainment One. The $3.8 billion acquisition promised to make Hasbro a media competitor. The acquisition has not yet seen fruition, but Hasbro executives have revealed plans to invest more in the entertainment category. After announcing the acquisition, Hasbro is doubling its investments in the entertainment space. This move is just the beginning, but the investment is sure to be successful.

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