How to Dress for Formal Office Meetings

When you start a new job, the best barometer for the office’s formality is by observing how others dress. You can also observe the days that meetings are scheduled. This is the best way to determine how formal the office is. Business formal attire is appropriate for interviews, important presentations, and court appearances. This is the most formal type of work attire. To be able to be in this style, you should wear a suit, tie, or sport coat.

For men, a tuxedo is the appropriate choice. Women should wear dark-wash suits. If you choose to wear a skirt, choose a short one, and avoid wearing your hair in a ponytail. Casual office clothing is acceptable if it is knee-length. For women, long dresses and skirts with a shirt are a good choice. In general, dressy, yet conservative clothing is always the best choice.

Final Opinion

The most appropriate style for a business meeting is a well-fitted jacket. An ill-fitting jacket can look awkward and not fit well. For men, a herringbone tweed is both affordable and distinguishing. While tweed is a good choice for a business setting, it’s best to stay away from striped or checkered shirts. Instead, choose a more colorful shirt or skirt.

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