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How to Plump Up Your Lips in a Snap

If you want a plumper pout, you should start by hydrating them. You should do this on all areas of your body, so you should make sure your lips are also moisturized. Consuming moisturizing foods is also a great way to prevent your lips from becoming dry. Exposure to the sun and cold weather can also dry them out. The best way to protect your lips from the elements is to use a protective lip balm with an SPF. Opt for a matte or pearlized lip pencil.

You can try applying peppermint oil on your lips. It can be an irritant but it will give you plumper lips in no time. Mix some peppermint oil with your lip balm and apply it on your lips. You may notice that you have a minty cold sensation, which will make your lips look fuller. If you don’t want the discomfort of the peppermint oil, you can try a natural alternative like coconut oil.

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Some people recommend sucking bottles on their lips. While this method will make your lips swell, it’s time-consuming and risky. You may also end up with a dry mouth. This method is not recommended for people who have chapped lips. In addition to using a lip gloss, it’s best to buy a product that can plump your lips. It’s a great option for plumping your lips without having to undergo invasive surgery.

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