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How to Remove a Mascara Smudge

The first thing to do when you notice that your mascara is smudged is to wash your face. This will prevent your makeup from clumping or smudging. If you have any oil on your face, you can blot it with a piece of tissue or a paper towel. If your eye area is oily, you can use a primer spray to get rid of it completely.

You should always apply concealer before applying mascara because it helps to hide the smudge. It is best to use a full coverage concealer if you need to cover blemishes and then set it with powder. If you are planning to use eyeshadow, add a few drops of it and then apply your eye shadow. If you still have some leftover mascara, you can also dab it with moisturiser. Another great way to remove smudges is to use cotton swabs with moisturiser. This will allow you to wipe away the smudges without ruining your make-up.

Final Opinion

Another way to remove a smudge from your eye makeup is by applying a makeup-removing powder. It will help you conceal a mistake and give you a clean, fresh face. This is especially helpful if you have a large blemish or redness on your eye. If you don’t have a powdered concealer or liquid foundation, you can use moisturiser to mask your mistake. This will prevent a mess from occurring and leave your makeup intact.

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