How to Stay Safe in Egypt

There are many things you can do to stay safe while traveling in Egypt. Be aware of what locals do, and do not engage in stupid behavior. For example, don’t take photos of government buildings or military installations. It is also a good idea to avoid public displays of affection. Finally, be sure to carry a copy of your passport and your identification with you. If you’re planning to visit the pyramids, remember that climbing them is not allowed.

While crime and violent assault are rare in Egypt, verbal harassment is common. If you are travelling alone, keep your group together and avoid places with large crowds. Be sure to avoid popular sites on public holidays and religious holidays. You should also avoid places with large crowds and stay in small groups. Another tip is to stay out of the sun at the hottest times. Be aware of pickpockets and try to leave your valuables at home. Be careful where you eat or drink. Don’t go into a backroom with an unfamiliar atmosphere.

Be aware of your surroundings. You can stay safe in Egypt by being hyper-vigilant and not showing affection in public. Make sure you keep your money in a secure place and never carry large amounts of cash. Avoid public demonstrations, protests, and political rallies. And be sure to stay away from religious gatherings if you’re worried about being targeted by terrorists. If you’re travelling alone, you can avoid being a target by avoiding these situations.

When traveling in Egypt, you should avoid any places where violent crimes are likely to happen. However, you can stay safe by staying away from crowded areas and sticking to smaller groups. If you’re visiting a religious site, you should avoid the sun’s rays. And avoid the hustle and bustle of the markets, as there are many pickpockets. Only bring enough cash for the day.

While traveling in Egypt, it is important to stay vigilant. As in any country, there are many scams targeting tourists. You should be aware of the possible dangers when visiting a certain area. You should avoid large crowds, religious events, and public holidays. Be careful with your money, and try not to let strangers take advantage of you. If you’re a gay traveler, you should not show your affection in public, as this will attract unwanted attention.

Last Speech

If you are travelling to Egypt, it’s important to know the local language. Egyptians are friendly, and they often greet foreigners warmly. If you are not comfortable speaking Arabic, you can use your phone to communicate in the local language. Regardless of your preferred language, Egyptians speak Arabic and are very familiar with the language. While you’re in Egypt, it’s a good idea to learn a few words of the local language to be safe.

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