Several factors, including store closures, local authority regulations, and the overall influence of the virus on the health of the general public through 2020 and beyond, have accelerated the growth of online shopping, even if e-commerce revenues were already predicted to top $740 billion by 2023.

The number of people who regularly use online retailers for necessities like food and household supplies increased by 43% in 2020, compared to when they were only used for big-ticket items like electronics and seasonal presents. As a result of this expansion, business deliveries have reached an all-time high, forcing major companies like Amazon to keep their delivery fleets running late into the night.

Stockton truck accident attorneys in Creek are reporting an increase in commercial truck accidents, which comes at a time when California is experiencing widespread resource shortages.

These collisions are hazardous since they frequently result in serious injuries for people in smaller vehicles. They also can be difficult to recover from on your own, as multiple liable parties may need to be examined.

When Do Large Delivery Trucks Get Into Accidents?

Whether a car, SUV, commercial vehicle, or van is involved, negligence is usually the primary cause of the collision.

For instance, companies frequently engage drivers without giving them enough time to complete the necessary training to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for delivery services. It’s especially dangerous for inexperienced drivers to operate a large vehicle.

When a business sends a driver out on the road who isn’t qualified to do so or who hasn’t had adequate training, that business may share responsibility for the accident.

Following too close in a big truck and van, which is extremely difficult to stop, and colliding with the vehicle or vehicles in front of it when they cannot do so is also a possible cause of liability for the driver.

Besides these, the following are also among the most often occurring mistakes made by drivers of commercial vehicles:

  • Distractions caused by working while driving on technological gadgets
  • Speeding
  • Impatient or careless driving
  • Drunken or drugged driving

Since drivers are in high demand, many are working excessive hours and getting behind the wheel when too tired to pay close attention or keep themselves awake.

Contact the knowledgeable Stockton personal injury attorneys at Law Corporation if you’ve been hurt in an accident involving a delivery person; explain your legal options and work to hold those responsible for the collision accountable.

What Kinds Of Large Vehicles Are The Riskiest To Drive?

CDL may be unnecessary for drivers of large commercial vans used for shipment and delivery.

Although FedEx, eBay, UPS, and sometimes even USPS are expanding at record rates, these corporations are increasingly outsourcing or contracting out their driving needs.

Unfortunately, these big vans can be tricky to steer, especially in the residential neighborhoods where they run most often and especially if the driver lacks the experience to do so securely.

It might be difficult to file a claim against a transport truck driver or firm when it is unclear who was to blame for an accident.

The driver may be an independent contractor or an employee of a different organization, although wearing the latter’s logo on their clothing.

Your financial recovery could be attributable to more than one party, further adds complexity to your case.


Truck accident attorneys in Sutter Creek from Law Corp will guide you through the legal steps to hold the irresponsible driver or even the shipping and delivery company liable for your injuries. This will allow you to receive the necessary medical attention and time away from work that you require to recover from your injuries.

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