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Is your land suitable for building a house?

1. Location

Location here refers to a broad overview, such as near the workplace or not. How do you travel? How is the environment? Are you in an industrial area? How safe is it? Or is it a golden location surrounded by offices, commercial buildings, communities, and important places?

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In addition to the above factors, there is also the matter of Feng Shui. The caution in choosing the land in various locations is that it must not be a slaughterhouse, hospital, cemetery, or religious site because it is a source of negative energy. It is also a reservoir of germs as well.

2. Land shape

The shape that is suitable for building a house is Rectangular or square shape Because it’s easy and cost-effective for home design. To easily allocate space into various corners, important if the future is trading. The shape of the land also plays a part in the appraisal and decision of potential buyers. Especially if it is a wide road shape. The price is even higher

In feng shui, the shape of the forbidden land is Triangle shape or pennant Which is believed to result in frequent sickness in the household members. lack of financial fortune including the problem of quarrel Including this land, there are often some areas left that cannot be fully utilized as well. It was an extremely unfortunate wasteland.

3. Entrance-exit and water source

The most important entrance and exit Must not be blind and Must study their own ownership area thoroughly. Many times misunderstood or used the habits of the villagers. Seeing the area or the surrounding roads open, they are wise in and out of other people’s areas. So that you may decide to buy without studying the history of that land first. Until one day, when the owner takes any action on the area, it may affect the convenience. Including potentially becoming an intruder unknowingly.

Caution about the area is that the land next to the river should not be purchased. There will be problems with erosion and erosion. or should be spaced to plant the house away from the river for a reasonable distance and must not be a source of still water. It must be water that is constantly flowing or moving.

4. High-low level of land

When satisfied with the said land before depositing I would like to leave a note about the high-low level of the area. In other words, the lower land surrounding it becomes the water-supporting area. Supports waste from the surrounding by default At the same time, it also reflects various necessary expenses. that must definitely increase And also connected to the law, the Land Excavation Act – Land Filling again. If building a house this time is a house building through a house builder, it is still considered convenient in terms of construction control. Excavation according to the law If it is to build a house yourself, this must be considered further.

Caution on high-low levels According to the feng shui textbook, bad things will flow into the house.

5. Reasonable price

It seems that the price will be a summary of all conditions whether or not they can occupy that land or not, because the closer the location to the community. Close to utilities, the price is even higher. Or if it is a land in a golden location, there are many people who want to reserve it. And how much does the landlord read the buyer’s needs? The price will not be cheap as well. It is generally based on satisfaction. But even if it is a land in a prime location, it should have a medium price, fair price as a standard.

All you should know Should be a helper for many people to decide the suitability of the land initially. There are still many items that are specific to the land. and the needs of the host This may vary, such as having to look at the size of the area, small or large, enough for members, activities, styles they want to do.

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