Major Mistakes Candle Makers Need To Avoid

Are you having a difficult week or day and just need some “me”-time? You might also need a space to make your room smell great for special occasions. A candle is an answer. There are many options for candles in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, containers, and scents. You can find them almost anywhere, online or in-person, from Aussie Candle Supplies.

1st Mistake: Selling Products Without Testing Them

We spend many months researching and developing (R&D) before we release a product to customers. Two materials are required for basic candle making: wax and wick. For more character, you can add oils to create scents or a container. You must test your product for safety and quality every day.

2nd Mistake: Presuming That Everyone Will Love Your Product

This is especially true when candles are made with certain scents that appeal to candle makers who believe it will be a bestseller. This is a common problem and market research can help. Create a few batches to see how customers react.

3rd Mistake: Pricing And Exclusion Of Overhead In Calculations

This question is often asked by beginners, but even intermediate candle makers still struggle with it. Problem: Many candle-makers prices their work too low thinking customers won’t buy it if the cost is too high.

How do you price your work then? You should consider both direct costs such as the cost of goods and indirect costs such as overhead. Add your markup. Let’s assume we make an 8-ounce jar for soy candles. Included in your calculations should be the cost for the jar and wax, wick, fragrance, essential oil, cover, safety labels, and product label. Most people make this mistake. They multiply the cost by two or three. What’s missing are overhead costs such as electricity, time to make candles, storage, product labeling, safety labels, and wages for employees (if they have them). Overhead is the way to capture the indirect costs of making a product. Efficiency is key to keeping your product’s cost low.

4th Mistake: Scaling Up Without Knowing The Cost Of Goods

Although you might be tempted to say yes, did you consider the differences between buying directly from the manufacturer or supplier and buying wholesale or bulk? This difference could help you price your products competitively. You may also find shipping costs for raw materials more affordable when you buy in bulk. Ask your suppliers. Are the materials from another state? Local suppliers are the best option. You can save shipping costs by batching your orders.

5th Mistake: Having One Supplier Of Raw Materials

We recommend that you have more than one supplier. You don’t always know what’s happening at your suppliers’ businesses. Businesses change all the time. If your main supplier is unable to stock the required products, closes, or goes out of business, you should be prepared to find another supplier. Other suppliers might have better products than your current supplier. This will help you manage risk. Don’t be limited to one supplier. Research and discover what is best for you.

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