Na Muang Waterfall in Thailand

Visiting the Na Muang waterfall is an excellent way to get out of the heat. While it’s free to visit, local tour operators and guides may try to charge you for their services. It’s worth your time and money to save the money and travel alone. Bring your camera, swimming gear, and quality shoes! This is a natural phenomenon so please be cautious and wear appropriate clothing. The waterfalls can be slippery so bring proper footwear.

The most beautiful time to visit the waterfall is during the rainy season, from September to December. The falls will be at their most beautiful and the rivers will be full. The uphill route will make the fall less busy. From the top, you can enjoy panoramic views of the forest and cascading water. There’s no need to book a tour because there are no shops around. You’ll be able to enjoy the water and scenery without the hassle.

While the lower stretch of the waterfall can be accessed by walking, you’ll want to take the time to explore the higher tier by hiring a bicycle. Unlike the upper tier, the lower tier has a lush jungle setting and is free to visit. The best part about visiting Na Muang is that you can explore the entire waterfall for free! Once you’ve explored it, you’ll be glad you did.

Despite the popularity of the first waterfall, the Na Muang 2 Waterfall is not as popular as its sister, Na Muang 1. The waterfall is only 80 metres high, so you can enjoy it in peace and quiet. You can swim in the pool and be sheltered from other tourists, which makes this waterfall the perfect spot for a romantic getaway. The only downside is that it’s difficult to find a private place here – so take a pair of comfortable walking shoes and a hat.

To get to the higher tier of the waterfall, you can hike through the dense jungle to reach it. The trail is approximately half an hour long and will take you about an hour. The lower portion of the waterfall falls into a lovely natural pool, but the upper tier is only accessible by foot. Despite the steepness, the lower part of the waterfall is worth the hike, as it’s hidden from view.

Final Opinion

If you’d like to see the waterfall from the top, you can take a ten-minute trek from the parking lot to the top. It’s not easy to get to the top, but it’s worth it in the long run. And if you’ve ever thought about visiting the waterfall, you’ll never regret your decision! So go ahead and see what it has to offer! If you’re in the mood for a trip to Thailand, you’ll surely want to see the Na Muang Waterfalls.

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