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You’ve probably heard about the concept of Open Culture before. It advocates collaboration and free knowledge sharing. Projects created under the CC license allow many people to contribute to the success of the project without fear of being sued. For example, you can use free music notation sheets to create an educational app or a T-shirt. In the spirit of Open Culture, you can also create your own music notation sheets. But how do you get started?

Open Culture started in 2006 and has an active community of supporters on Twitter, Facebook, and email. The site offers a variety of articles and podcasts in a wide variety of fields, including art, music, and science. You can even subscribe to their podcast series, Notebook on Cities and Culture. You can also follow Open Culture via Twitter, Facebook, and email. This website is worth subscribing to, as it’s constantly updated with interesting content and debates.

The website was founded in 2006 by Dan Coleman, the former director of the Continuing Education Program at Stanford University. While Open Culture isn’t affiliated with Stanford, you’ll find the articles and podcasts there that are thought-provoking and informative. If you’d like to learn more about Open Culture, follow it on Twitter or Facebook. You can also subscribe to their newsletter and receive alerts on new articles and other content. It’s free and easy to subscribe to.

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