The Best Offshore Hosting Companies

The best offshore hosting companies are ones that offer high-quality, secure servers, reliable customer support, and flexible billing plans. OffshoreDedi is a leading provider based in Belize, with data centers in the Netherlands, Bulgaria, and Ukraine. The company offers cheap and reliable maximum-uptime services and VPS, shared, and dedicated servers. Customers can also take advantage of privacy protection and copyright protection. They are a certified ISO9001:2008 company, and their customer support staff is highly knowledgeable and responsive.

The OffshoreDedi is another excellent offshore hosting provider that’s based in Belize. They have a strong focus on privacy, as they adhere to strict regulations in the country. You can choose from both managed and unmanaged hosting packages through OffshoreDedi. Their services are customizable and DMCA-ignore packages are available separately from their basic package. OffshoreDedi offers privacy protection and DMCA-ignore options, and accepts payments with Bitcoin and Ethereum.

In Last

Shinjiru is another popular offshore web hosting company. Based in Malaysia, this company has eight data centers around the world. It accepts payments through Bitcoin and Ethereum, and offers many extras, including a hidden IP address and anti-DDoS attack protection infrastructure. In addition to privacy protection, this company also offers private domain registration and private SSL certificates. Flaunt7 is another good offshore web host, and has data centers in the Netherlands and the US. They have strict privacy laws and let you pay through Bitcoin. You can use no verification documents to get a domain name with Flaunt7.

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