What Are the Different Materials for Banners?

Even though the banners might look simple at the first glance, they can be considered one of the most popular marketing options to spread the message about your brand. The banners will come in handy if your business is considering a large form of promotional medium. This is because one of the best benefits of banners is that they are capable of representing your business in the most attractive way possible.

However, you cannot just randomly start purchasing banners. Apart from the color and design, the material is probably the most important thing you need to consider while choosing banners. The material you choose will play a key role in the appearance of the banner which is essential to capture the attention of your customers. The banner also needs to be effective, durable, and functional for a great return on investment.

In this article, we will discuss the different types of materials that you can consider while choosing banners.


If you’re looking for the best material for your banner, you should look no further than vinyl. Vinyl is undoubtedly the most famous material anyone can choose for their banners. Extremely effective for both outdoor and indoor purposes, a vinyl sign won’t break your bank. If you compare these with other types of signs, you will realize that vinyl signs are more cost-effective. This specific material is weather-resistant, fade-resistant, wrinkle-resistant, waterproof, and comes with a longer lifespan. If you use grommets and hems, you should face no issue installing the vinyl banners. Apart from being lightweight which will help you carry the vinyl banners from one place to another, they are also capable of withstanding various weather conditions. You can design these banners with any colors or texts you want. However, don’t store the vinyl banners for a long time or they will become vulnerable to wrinkles.


10 oz vinyl sheets are being used by the manufacturers to craft mesh banners. They feature a specific type of crisscross fabric that makes them resistant to high winds. This is why high wind can pass through these banners without affecting the materials or appearance. Not to mention, your mesh banners won’t suffer from any structural issues. Unlike the strong wind that might affect the appearance of the normal vinyl banners, the lightweight mess sheets will allow you to place your banners in windy conditions. Additionally, the mesh banners also feature a long lifespan. However, the graphics or design printed on the mesh banners might not be visible due to the crisscross fabric.


This material cannot be excluded from our list. If you want banners that can help you with both indoor and outdoor applications, why don’t you consider polyester as the primary material option for the banners? Unlike the other materials where the design and graphics are printed followed by a digital printing process, the graphics on the polyester banners is implemented through a direct dye sublimation process. As per Masterclass, polyester is highly moisture-resistant. Polyester banners look extremely attractive. A great thing about polyester banners is that they are scratch-resistant and cannot be damaged by severe weather conditions.


These are the different types of materials for banners. Do you want to purchase the best vinyl banners available in the market? Make sure you contact us today.

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