What kind of fun activities does Garaffon beach offers?

Garaffon beach park is a great place for having extreme fun. They have many kind of enjoyable activities which will drive you crazy. The unique element of this park which makes it extraordinary amazing is its startling reefs and cliffs alongside the Mexican sea. Another aspect that attracts most visitors is their high-class entertainment and adventures.

This is an ideal a place for those who are excessively energetic and trying to do something different and fascinating. This globally recognized and well-known park provides you with swimming with dolphins, kayaking, lounge chair, chair lift, infinity pool, and snorkels. All these activities are full of fun and excitement.

What mostly you can do at Garrafon beach?

Additionally, there are beautiful places such as the island of Mujeres which will entirely shift your mood and makes your visit memorable. Let’s discuss these activities briefly to give you a better idea:

  • Swimming with dolphins:

The most top-notch activity of this park is swimming with dolphins in cancun Isla mujeres  which is quite common among visitors. Mostly they love to perform this activity and enjoy their time with friendly dolphins. These dolphins are not harmful but they will have fun with you.

You can play with them, you can sit on them and you can feed them.

You will find them responding to you and you will get to know more about them. This activity alongside adventure gives you a chance to interact with these creatures. They are more intelligent, vibrant, and soft.

These dolphins are kept with extreme sustenance and care. They are supervised all the time and a healthy diet is being provided to them to keep them healthier and energetic to entertain you well.

  • Snorkel:

It is another activity being provided here on our island to increase the level of entertainment and double enjoyment. Snorkeling is a kind of adventure with no risk at all. This activity is performed with some specific equipment for those who don’t know how to swim. Professional swimmers can do it without protection tools.

These equipment includes a tube with a breathable mask and a life jacket. You can dive under the sea by wearing all of them. Through this way you can explore under water world without any fear of drowning. This is not a risky or frightening activity which everyone can do. All the precautionary equipment is provided by us for your safety.

  • Kayaking:

You must have heard or known about this fun-coated activity. Kayaking is a widely adopted adventure for people who love to do and who are fond of boating or paddling. On our Mujeres island, you will be provided a boat with paddles. It’s up to you whether to do it alone or with any partner.

You don’t need to be necessarily a professional kayaking expert to enjoy this activity, just a bit of knowledge about balancing the boat is needed.

  • Infinity pool:

On our island, you will get an infinity pool or separate pool to have a great beach experience. Enjoying the pool with a comfy bed covered with an umbrella with a glass of juice is enough to have a great time with your partner or with your family. We also have a separate area for kids.

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