Suppose you are ever involved in an automobile accident. In that case, you will need a strong advocate on your side to help you recover the financial resources necessary to pay for repairs and medical care. In other words, hiring the appropriate Orlando car accident lawyer ensures a good payout. Here, you’ll learn everything you need to know about automobile accident attorneys, including what you should do in the event of a little or major collision.

The Role Of An Attorney In A Motor Vehicle Accident

You undoubtedly already know that there are numerous subspecialties within the legal profession. Legal representation for motor vehicle collisions is the only focus of a car accident attorney.

Attorneys specializing in car accidents often spend between seven and eight years in school. They begin by earning a four-year undergraduate degree, then taking and passing the Law School Admissions Test . Once they have completed law school and earned their Juris Doctor degree, candidates must take the MPRE before sitting for the Bar Exam to practice law in any state.

  • The duties of the auto accident attorney in the event of an automobile collision include:
  • To provide light on the options available under those conditions
  • To assist the client in determining the factors that entitle them to compensation,
  • To amass proof
  • To aid the customer in filing an insurance claim,
  • As a client’s advocate in a legal proceeding

A lawyer’s primary responsibility is to serve their client’s best interests. They should do everything they can to achieve the best possible result for their client in the dispute.

How Hiring A Lawyer Can Help After A Car Accident

An auto accident attorney has finished law school and earned admission to the state’s bar. Since they are well-versed in the field, you may count on them for assistance regardless of the nature of the accident or if you were to blame. What a lawyer of this type can accomplish for you is listed below.

  • Counsel you on a legal matter
  • Help you avoid feeling responsible for an accident that wasn’t your fault.
  • Assist you in obtaining a higher sum of money
  • Help you secure a reduced penalty if you were at fault for the collision.
  • To argue on your behalf in court.

As a result, having a lawyer’s help is useful in a wide variety of contexts. However, it is your choice if you wish to seek professional assistance.

When Is It Time To Call An Attorney After A Car Accident?

No rule says you have to get a lawyer after a car crash. However, as you can see, there are certain advantages to working with an attorney following a car crash.

You need to contact an automobile accident attorney immediately after the collision. Your attorney will be better able to represent your interests if you provide them with new information as it becomes available.

You should be aware of a time limit on filing a lawsuit after a car accident—a legal term for the time frame in which a case can be brought to trial. The statute of limitations varies by state.

In Orlando, for instance, you have a maximum of two years to submit a claim for damages from the accident date. A three-year statute of limitations applies to cases involving damage to property or motor vehicles.

Cost Of Hiring An Attorney In Case Of Automobile Accident?

Lawyers specializing in car accidents typically don’t bill their clients by the hour. Instead, they are compensated by a contingency fee that is only paid if the client wins the lawsuit.

In this case, the charge is a predetermined share of the client’s total take-home pay. Typically, this number falls between 33% and 40%. It has been known to drop to 25% or even lower. The case’s intricacy and the length of time before a settlement are key factors in this equation.


Seasoned lawyers specializing in traffic accidents can help their clients no matter how severe the accident is. They averaged seven years of schooling to enter this profession. You can benefit from their extensive experience and understanding to negotiate a favorable settlement.

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